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100 Alumni of the Century
100 Alumni of the Century
From Hollywood stars on the big screen to astronauts circling the moon, from the man who invented Pampers to the woman who created "Ramona," this is our list of the 100 most famous, fascinating and influential UW graduates of the 20th century. Includes reader reaction to this story. By the Editors of Columns

True West
Most of Us Don't Have a Clue about the African-American Experience in the West. Quintard Taylor's Goal Is to Set Us Straight. By Tom Griffin


Magnetic Relief
Depression's Victims Sometimes Find that Drugs and Therapy Can't Help. Soon There May Be a New Solution-The Power of Magnetism. By Larry Zalin




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Loud and Proud: An unidentified alumnus leads group singing at a football game in Husky Stadium in this 1940s photo by James Sneddon. Note paper bag placed over the microphone.

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