Beyond the Brain Drain: Other UW Budget Priorities

In addition to its top priority of a faculty and staff pay increase, the UW has three other major requests for the 1999 legislative session.

* Enrollment Increases: The UW is seeking an additional 1,600 full-time students at its three campuses during 1999-2001. At Seattle, 500 full-time undergraduate slots would expand high-demand majors such as computer science, social welfare and civil engineering. About 400 spaces for graduate students would also open up. Bothell would receive 240 undergraduate slots and 60 graduate-level spaces. Much of the growth would be in liberal studies, business and software systems. Tacoma is seeking 300 extra undergraduate spaces for business, arts and sciences, and information technology, as well as 100 graduate-level spaces. Total cost: $29 million.

* Technology Initiatives: The state's two research universities-UW and WSU-would launch an Advanced Technology Research Initiative. Special funds would establish faculty "clusters" which would collaborate with the private sector in areas such as micro-electronics, computer multimedia software or new drugs. Other UW technology initiatives would integrate computer technology into more academic programs and increase student participation in research and public service. Total cost: $31 million.

* Capital Projects: There are four major projects in the UW request. The state's share of a new Law School Building would total $44 million, with an additional $23 million in donated funds for the project, located in a parkinglot south of the Burke Museum. About $45 million is needed for a complete renovation of Suzzallo Library to bring it up to code, make it accessible and strengthen it against earthquakes. The UW Bothell campus is seeking $46 million to carryout a second construction phase at its site near the I-405/SR 522 interchange. UW Bothell permanent campus is scheduled to open in the fall of 2000. The UW Tacoma campus, which opened in 1997, is already full. To keep the growth of the campus on schedule as enrollments increase, the UW is seeking about $77 million in design and construction costs for the second phase of its campus plan.

For more information about the UW budget request or to learn how to contact your state lawmaker, contact Huskies for Higher Education at (206) 616-9116 or visit the Huskies for Higher Education Web Site.

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