Trains, Planes and Cruise Ships:

1996 Has Varied Travel Options

Reservations are pouring in for the UW Alumni Association's 1996 travel program. Travelers should make their reservations early for the following trips. For more information, contact Pauline Ranieri at (206) 685-9276 or 1-800-AUW-ALUM.

Copper Canyon Adventure: Take a train trip through this remote Mexican region of pine forests, rugged canyons and waterfalls in an area inaccessible by automobile. March 17-24.

Black Sea & Eastern Mediterranean: Explore this area of the world where civilization as we know it began. Visit Athens and Venice, sail to Yalta and Odessa and spend time on the Greek isle of Mykonos. May 28-June 10.

Sea of Cortez: Cruise among little-visited islands off Mexico's Baja Peninsula, where a wide variety of sea birds lives, and swim and snorkel in a beautiful cove. April 27-May 4.

Rhine and Mosel Rivers: Experience the historic cities, fabled cultures and magnificent castles along Europe's most historic river, the Rhine, and enjoy the rolling landscapes of the Mosel, which offer dramatic scenery. June 4-16.

Alumni Campus Aboard--Bavaria: Spend 12 days at Berchtesgaden, an idyllic resort town surrounded by four mountains. Enjoy lectures on the area's history, folklore and culture, and visit nearby cities. June 4-16.

St. Petersburg and the Baltics: Visit intriguing sites in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and eastern Germany, cruise the southern coast of the Baltic and gain a perspective on a region that has been at the hub of European commerce for 800 years.