History Professor Jere Bacharach was named director of the UW's Jackson School of International Studies Aug. 1, replacing Nicholas Lardy, who is on leave for a year at the Brookings Institute. Bacharach is an expert in Middle Eastern studies and was chair of the history department from 1987 to 1992. He received his Ph.D. in history from the Univ. of Michigan in 1967, the year he joined the UW.

President Richard McCormick chose UW Law Professor Roland Hjorth to become dean of the UW School of Law, effective Sept. 1. Hjorth began teaching tax law at the UW in 1964 and has been associate dean since 1994. Hjorth received his B.A. from the Univ. of Nebraska in 1957 and his law degree from New York Univ. in 1961. The new law dean will stay in his position through 1997-98. During that academic year, a national search will be held to fill the dean's position. Hjorth replaces Wallace Loh, who left the UW for the Univ. of Colorado.

Former Associate Vice President Ronald Johnson has been promoted to vice president for computing and communications and vice provost, President McCormick announced in August. "Computing and communications have become fundamental to carrying out the instructional and research missions of the University," says McCormick. "This appointment ensures that the important perspective of computing ... continues to be heard at the highest level of the administration." Johnson came to the UW in 1987 from UCLA, where he served as director of information systems.

Before retiring, President William P. Gerberding named Assistant Vice President for Business and Personnel John Petit to be acting executive vice president, overseeing most of the administrative sides of the UW, such as its business, construction, personnel and physical plant functions. Petit will serve in the position while the UW conducts a national search to fill the job. Petit holds a B.A. from WSU and a law degree from the UW.

The former director of the UW budget office, Craig Purkey, was named vice provost for planning and budgeting by Acting Provost David Thorud in June. Purkey served as UW budget director for 18 years and received a master's in public administration from the UW in 1986.

Former UW Assistant Police Chief Roger Serra was named the new UW police chief in August, following the retirement of Michael Shanahan. Serra, who has been on the UW force since 1969, graduated from the UW that same year with a degree in sociology. For the last 13 years Serra served as assistant police chief. Shanahan was with the UW police force 25 years, joining it just as student protests over the war in Vietnam rocked the campus (see "The Days of May," March 1990). Shanahan was known for turning the UW department into the first accredited police department in the state, and for founding Operation Bootstrap, where corporations provide management scholarships to police officers. "I have the greatest respect for Mike. He changed this department from a security force into a nationally recognized law enforcement agency," Serra says.


Fulbright awards for 1995 have gone to the following UW faculty: Computer Science and Engineering Professor Gaetano Borriello, Geological Sciences Professor Bernard Evans, Oceanography Professor Richard Gammon, Linguistics Assistant Professor Sharon Hargus, Surgery Acting Assistant Professor Charles Mock and UW-Bothell Education Professor Patricia Phelan.

Psychology Professor Elizabeth Loftus was honored this summer by the American Academy of Forensic Psychology for "distinguished contributions" to the field (see "Buried Memories," Sept. 1991 Columns).

Sociology Professor Pepper Schwartz was named a fellow of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex this summer. She was also recently elected to the board of publications for the American Sociological Association (see Sex, Truths and Videotape from the March 1995 Columns).

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