A World-Class Association Which Values All Alumni

During the past year, your board and staff moved closer to the UWAA's vision, which is to be a world-class association which values all alumni as stakeholders. For example:

* Career services were launched with the goal of genuine, meaningful service to members of all ages.

* An alumni summer camp for families and individuals took steps closer to realization.

* Dr. and Mrs. Gerberding's 16-year service to the UW were recognized through UWAA events and an association contribution to endowments in their names.

* Partner clubs--academic, geographic and special interest--became stronger and more involved.

* A multicultural alumni partnership club was established.

* Meaningful dialogue and working relationships were established with alumni groups representing four UW professional schools.

* Events from Miami to Hong Kong were meaningful and well attended.

* Legislative support for the UW moved to a higher level.

* Columns magazine reached a new high in excellence and recognition.

* Marketing concepts were launched which will pay dividends for years to come.

* Finances were in solid shape. A combination of operating profits, bequests and special income has added $270,000 to our future ability to serve members. Also, zero-based budgeting is contributing significantly to our focus on priorities.

I am deeply grateful to scores of Huskies who helped make all this possible and consider it an incredible honor to have served as your president.

Donald B. Kraft, '48
UW Alumni Association President, 1994-95

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