Environmental Scientist Joins UW
Thanks to Gift From UW Alumnus

Mary Lidstrom, who joins the UW faculty thanks to the Frank Jungers Endowed Chair in Engineering, studies bacteria that can help clean up soil and water contaminated by toxic spills. Her work centers on bacteria that normally live in these environments, and she and her group are trying to understand how to encourage the intrinsic ability of these bacteria to detoxify hazardous compounds. The end result should be environmentally sound and economically feasible strategies to clean up contaminated soil and water systems.

Recruiting Lidstrom from her position as professor of environmental engineering science at Caltech was considered quite a coup. "Hiring her would not have been possible without the Jungers Chair," says Chemical Engineering Chair Bruce Finlayson. "It's a wonderful example of the difference private gifts can make in attracting faculty that strengthen the University's programs." Lidstrom holds a joint appointment in chemical engineering and microbiology.

The Jungers Chair is a gift from Frank Jungers, who graduated from the UW in 1947 with a degree in mechanical engineering and went on to become chairman and CEO of the Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco). For many years Jungers has been a generous donor to--and an active volunteer for--the UW, particularly the College of Engineering. In 1987 he established the Frank Jungers Endowed Professorship in the college. Through additional gifts this year, he increased that professorship to a chair.

Jungers' gifts were part of $127.7 million in gifts and private grants the University received during 1994-95. The total set a record for the second consecutive year. At $61.7 million, gifts to the University were $5.5 million over the previous year.

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