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The University of Washington Alumni Association is now zooming along the "Information Highway" with a new World Wide Web home page and e-mail address. The home page includes a calendar of UWAA events, information on clubs and career services, a link to an on-line version of Columns magazine, membership information and a complete list of benefits. The association's site is located at http://www.washington.edu/alumni on the World Wide Web. The UWAA's e-mail address is uwalumni@u.washington.edu on the Internet.

For those who can't visit Seattle via the Internet or in person, the next best thing may be the alumni association's newest offering --The Fountain and the Mountain, a book that tells the story of the UW's architectural history. Architecture Professor Emeritus Norman Johnston, '42, who has devoted his career to studying the UW campus, wrote the book to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the move from downtown Seattle to our present site.

From an aerial view of the Opening Day boat parade to a shot of the George Washington monument silhouetted against a breathtaking sunset, readers will find stunning color photography. In addition, numerous historical photos, maps and drawings show how the campus grew from a raw clearing on a knoll above Portage Bay to the beautifully landscaped complex it is today. (See Centennial in the Sept. 1995 Columns.)

"Anyone who has had any familiarity with the UW campus will be pleased to own this book," says Jon Rider, UWAA executive director. Available only through the association, the book can be ordered with a credit card by calling (206) 543-3839.

Another book in the works is the UWAA's 1996 Member Directory. More than 53,000 UWAA members were recently asked to update their information for the listings. If you haven't already done so, return your questionnaire as soon as possible. This will ensure that your information will be listed correctly in this valuable networking reference book. The directory is scheduled for release this spring and will be available to UWAA members only.

To join the UW Alumni Association, call (206) 543-0540 or 1-800-AUW-ALUM.

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