First Take: Goodbye, “Hello” Print
Lou Gellermann, '58. Photo by Jesse Barracoso.
Lou Gellermann, ’58, has seen the intensity of the Huskies/Cougars rivalry up close—not in his career as public-address announcer for the Huskies’ home football games, where the crowds tend to be pretty like-minded, but in his other life as a self-employed management consultant. “When people in my classes who were from WSU have found out I was a Husky, boy have they poured it on me,” he says. “Unbelievable.” Little did they know he was actually the iconic voice of the Huskies, who for 22 years has greeted the UW faithful in Husky Stadium with the signature invocation,  “Helloooooo Daaaaawwwg Faaaaaaaannns!” “No,” he says. “I left that part out.” Gellermann, it turns out, inspires the same sort of loyalty as the Dawgs and Cougs. When word got out that the Sept. 29 game against USC would be his last—hearing trouble has made the job too difficult—the news media were all over it. Dozens of fans posted farewells on the Seattle Times Husky Football Blog: “I’ve been listening to him for 20 plus years now,” one wrote, “and I still get goose bumps every time I hear ‘Hello Dawg Fans!’ ” Another proposed recording Gellermann’s greeting and playing it before every kickoff. “People have been very, very kind here in the last few days,” Gellermann says. “I’ve gotten a couple of notes that just drew me to tears.” So how did it feel, welcoming the Dawg fans for the last time? Bittersweet? Heart-rending? Satisfying? “Confusing,” Gellermann says. “There were so many cameras in my face.”