Top 10 Reasons You Need to Get Your UW Plates Now Print


1.  WSU plates outsell their UW counterparts by a three-to-one margin. Boo!
2.  If there’s one thing worse than being caught in traffic, it’s being caught behind a Cougar license plate.
3.  Many of Seattle’s 1,200 police officers—the ones who issue speeding tickets, or let you off with a warning—are UW graduates.
4.  “W” also stands for “Warning.”
5.  If you wait until after the basketball season, you’ll look like a bandwagon fan.
6.  For every license plate sold, $28 goes to the UW general scholarship fund.
7.  That’s tax-deductible.
8.  The simple, elegant design is the handiwork of talented students in the UW School of Art.
9.  If you try to paint your own purple W on your current tag, you will be ridiculed and probably ticketed.
10.  You won’t regret it—unlike the time you got that vanity plate that said “DRLOVE.”

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