First Take: Royal Treatment Print
ImageIf there’s one thing Weiya Zhang has learned from her years volunteering for the American Lung Association, it’s that grade-school kids will pay more attention to you if you’re wearing a crown. “They really listen,” says Zhang, a second-year UW med student and the reigning Miss Seattle. “It’s incredible how powerful the crown is with children.” And not only with children. In August, the editors of Seattle Weekly put Zhang and her headwear on the cover of their annual “Best of Seattle” issue, awarding her first place in the rather contrived category “Best Med Student in a Tiara.” “They didn’t tell me they were going to have me on the cover,” Zhang recalls. “So the day it came out I was in the International District having lunch with a friend, and we walked by a table with the Weekly on it, and my friend said, ‘Hey, that girl looks a lot like you.’ And I looked at it and said, ‘Hmm. That is me.’”