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Written by Tom Griffin & Eric McHenry   
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100 Top Books By 100 UW Authors
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ImageCunningham, Imogen, 1907
After Ninety
At the age of 92, the great master began work on her last major photographic project—stunning portraits of other nonagenarians. One of the 20th century’s most important photographers, Cunningham was named Alumna of the Year by the UW in 1974.
ImageDoig, Ivan, ’69
This House of Sky
Doig began this memoir when he was a frustrated UW grad student. A National Book Award finalist, it tells the story of Doig’s upbringing in Montana by an odd couple—his restless father and his tough-as-nails grandmother.
ImageDomke, David
God Willing? Political Fundamentalism in the White House, the “War on Terror” and the Echoing Press
According to this communication professor, President George W. Bush turned to “political fundamentalism” after 9/11 to capitalize on fear felt by many Americans.
ImageEddings, David, ’61
The Belgariad
Eddings’ first and most famous fantasy series, The Belgariad was inspired in part by his studies of Chaucer and Mallory as a grad student in the UW English department. In this five-book series, a farmer boy named Garion is torn from his quiet environment and forced into a chase for a stolen object.
ImageEdmondson, W. Thomas
The Uses of Ecology: Lake Washington and Beyond
A key figure in saving Lake Washington, Zoology Professor Edmondson focused his last major work on the death and rebirth of that lake, plus looked at the threatened ecology of other bodies of water from Lake Tahoe to Puget Sound to the Panama Canal.
ImageEdwards, Audrey, ’69
Children of the Dream: The Psychology of Black Success (with Craig Polite)
Essence Magazine Editor Edwards joined forces with psychologist Polite to explore the lives of 41 African American “baby boomers” who have joined the middle class. “One of the first candid, realistic looks at the roots, rewards and limits of black success.”—Philadelphia Daily News
ImageEgan, Timothy, ’81
The Good Rain
To many readers, this is the definitive book about the Pacific Northwest—its history, climate and vibe. As Columns went to press, Egan’s latest work, The Worst Hard Time, was a 2006 National Book Award finalist.
ImageEmerson, Earl W., ’68
The Rainy City
Set in Seattle, this mystery introduced readers to a now-legendary detective named Thomas Black. Emerson has recently turned his talents to a series of suspense novels involving fires—a subject he knows a thing or two about; he’s a lieutenant with the Seattle Fire Department.
ImageGallagher, Tess, ’67, ’71
Amplitude: New and Selected Poems
A generous selection of poems from her first three books, Amplitude includes the stunning anthology piece “Each Bird Walking.”
ImageGottman, John
The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
More than 3,000 married couples have gone through this psychology professor’s “love lab” on the UW campus. In this straight-talking guide, he shares the insights he’s gleaned from that research.