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In Memory

Grace Plummer, ’28, Seattle, age 98, July 1.

Helen Goldblatt Rogoway, ’28, Palo Alto, Calif., age 98, July 2.

Hilda Marie Winkel, ’28, Seattle, age 99, June 29.

Joaquin J. Lindsey, ’29, Bellingham, age 99, May 10.

John D. Cartano, ’30, Bellevue, age 96, July 19.

Ralph W. Allen, ’35, Seattle, age 95.

Ruth O. Torrell, ’36, ’37, Yakima, age 91, March 3.

Carol “Cal” C. Beamer, ’37, Redmond, age 90, Aug. 17.

Ruth E. Burgess, ’38, Mercer Island, age 96.

Toru Araki, ’39, Bellevue, age 90, Sept. 10.

Audrey Mae Bullis Jensen, ’39, Seattle, age 87, July 22.

Rolf L. Sorensen, ’39, Seattle, age 92, July 17.

Miriam Anderson Innes, ’40, Puyallup, age 87, Sept. 6.

Everett L. Ellis, ’41, Shoreline, age 86, July 1.

Ruth E. Gwinn, ’41, Evanston, Ill., age 87, Oct. 4.

Ralph Lloyd Brinck, ’42, Seattle, age 96, July 16.

Harriet J. Wyse Sauer-Scott, ’42, Seattle, age 85, Aug. 4.

Robert P. Strom, ’42, Bellevue, age 86, July 28.

Albert E. “Ed” Todd Jr., ’42, Seattle, age 87, Aug. 27.

Joseph R. Bennett, ’43, ’70, Seattle, age 78, Sept. 18.

Manning Clay Blackstock, ’43, Seattle, age 82, July 3.

Robert J. Evans, ’45, Stinson Beach, Calif., June 25.

Dorothy Hitchcock King, ’45, ’72, Bainbridge Island, age 88, Aug. 19.

Frank Joseph Christopher, ’46, Orange, Calif., age 78, July 5.

George Petrie, ’46, Kenmore, age 63, July 30.

John Edward Whitman, ’46, Tacoma, age 88, June 27.

Roy B. Arnold Jr., ’47, Boise, Idaho, age 82, Aug 4.

John Paul Nesbitt, ’47, Seattle, age 84, Sept. 30

Marion McKenzie Hickey, ’48, Bellevue, age 79, Aug. 31.

Robert Rodenberg, ’48, Seattle, age 82, July 22.

Kathleen S. Sullivan, ’48, ’68, Seattle, age 79, Sept 4.

Stephen Dunthorne, ’49, ’50, Seattle, age 80, Sept. 17.

Betty June Noerenberg, ’49, Castle Rock, age 78, July 20.

Vivian Lois Westlund Thevik, ’49, Renton, age 81, Aug. 20.

Leonard Paul Drebin, ’50, Bellevue, age 83, Sept. 16.

Virgil Jean Clark, ’51, Centennial, Colo., age 83, July 17.

Bruce Wilfred Bordeaux, ’54, Seattle, age 74, Sept. 20.

Robert Theodore Fenno, ’54, Tonasket, age 80, Aug. 9.

Thomas J. Scalzo, ’54, Bellevue, age 73, June 27.

Raymond F. Albano, ’55, Lynnwood, age 74, Aug. 16.

Clifford Lawrence Dally, ’55, Seattle, age 79, Aug. 13.

George Grant Fletcher Jr., ’56, Mesa, Ariz., age 77, Aug. 25.

V. Adele Hopkins, ’56, Los Alamos, N.M., age 70, June 14.

Lawrence Dean LaFollette, ’56, Seattle, age 70, Sept. 11.

Thomas D. Wilkey, ’57, Manzanita, Ore., age 71, July 15.

Ivaly Jones Hoedemaker, ’58, Lopez Island, July 14.

Keith Birkenfeld, ’63, Bainbridge Island, age 66, Sept. 7.

Walter J. Hill, ’64, Orting, age 92, Sept. 2.

Elizabeth Marie Kunz, ’65, Olympia, age 74, Aug. 24.

Gunde A. Ositis, ’65, Seattle, age 62.

William L. Mensel Jr., ’67, ’74, Wakefield, R.I., age 63, Sept. 28.

Joanne Adelaide Woodhull Goepfert, ’68, Seattle, age 65, Aug.15.

Carl M. Okamura, ’68, Portland, age 63, May 14.

Joy Diane Moore Bailey, ’71, Wenatchee, age 74, Aug 5.

William E. Grundhaus, ’71, Seattle, age 63, Sept. 8.

James E. Torpey, ’71, Denver, Colo., age 60, Sept. 6.

Jon A. Knudsen, ’74, Lynnwood, age 55, Sept. 7.

David William Perkins Sr., ’74, Seattle, age 80, Sept. 7.

Laurie Tierney, ’75, Seattle, age 51, Aug. 21.

Jay Richard Breslin, ’76, Seattle, age 52, June 27.

Joseph Jeremiah Lynch, ’76, Seattle, age 53, July 25.

Rori Corbell, ’79, Tukwila, age 48, Aug. 20.

Jean Sizemore Darrah Hanson, ’79, Langhorne, Pa., age 74, Aug. 17.

Karen Nakhjiri, ’82, Seattle, age 49, Aug. 12.

Angela Ann Purcell, ’87, Seattle, age 68, July 19.

Laura Lonn Tuss, ’89, Bellevue, age 48, Aug. 30.

Scott M. Hanan, ’91, Seattle, age 35, June 30.

Victoria Diane Boehman, ’92, Seattle, age 55, July 18.

Susan Emily Kellogg Carpenter, ’92, Seattle, age 62, July 3.

Ralph V. Lundberg, ’92, Seattle, age 61, May 13.

Suzanne Marie Anderson, ’93, Snohomish, age 34, July 6.

James Seth Edwards, ’05, Seattle, age 23.

David Darius Honarkhah, ’04, Seattle, age 24.



Robert Galer, ’35, a hero of both WWII and Korea and a Medal of Honor winner, died June 27 in Dallas. Galer was a standout basketball player for the UW, an All-American forward who would ultimately be inducted into the Husky Hall of Fame. As a Marine Corps major in August and September of 1942, he repeatedly engaged Japanese aerial forces in combat, “individually shooting down 11 enemy bomber and fighter aircraft over a period of 29 days,” according to the text of his medal citation. Galer was himself shot down four times during his service in the two wars. Once, he had to swim for an hour and a half from his crash site to the shore of a small island. On another occasion, he got his foot caught in a cockpit strap and was unable to free himself and open his parachute until he was a few hundred feet from the ground. Galer also received the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross. He retired a brigadier general in 1957. According to relatives, he was quite modest and would only share his war stories when asked. He was 91.

Milton P. Gordon, a UW professor of biochemistry and an important contributor to the field of genetics, died July 5 in Seattle. His research was used to make plants more nutritious and insect resistant. One of his discoveries appeared on the cover of Science magazine. Gordon grew up in Minnesota, graduating summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota and earning his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Illinois at age 23. He joined the UW faculty in 1959 and remained on it until his retirement in 2003. Gordon was 75.

Viola M. Hall, whose name graces a graduate fellowship in economics at the University of Washington, died Aug. 21. Born in Adel, Iowa, she married James K. “Jack” Hall in 1924 and came with him to Seattle when he joined the UW economics faculty. After his untimely death in 1962, former students gave money for the establishment of a memorial fund in his name. In 1994, Viola turned the fund into a full-fledged fellowship with a donation to the University. The James K. and Viola M. Hall Fellowship for graduate students in economics is the primary beneficiary of her estate. She was 100.

David William Knudson, who taught mathematics at the UW for many years, died July 21 in Seattle. Born in Iowa, he earned degrees from Luther College and Northwestern University. He was an enthusiastic amateur photographer, skier and mountain climber, who made many first ascents and found many new routes in the Cascades and the British Columbia Coast Mountains. He was 65.

James Erwin Rosensweig, ’51, ’54, a member of the UW community for more than half a century and a longtime professor at the Business School, died Sept. 2. Born and reared in Longview, he came to the UW in the late ’40s and played varsity football. He joined the UW faculty in 1956 and remained at the school until his retirement in 1982. A dedicated teacher and prolific author, Rosenzweig was also passionate about golf, travel and reading. He was 76.