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December 2005 Features

The Stolen Years: Part OneThe Stolen Years: Part One
After Pearl Harbor, as the U.S. Imprisoned Thousands of Its Own Citizens in Internment Camps, More Than 400 Japanese American Students Had to Drop Out of the UW. This the Story of Some Forced to Leave—and the Efforts the UW Made to Protect Them.
By Tom Griffin
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Masters of DisastersMasters of Disasters
Before Katrina and the South Asia Tsunami, Departments Across the UW Had Already Come Together to Help Professionalize Humanitarian Relief Efforts. Afterwards, They Were Far Too Busy to Say, "I Told You So."
By Eric McHenry
Dangerous MindsDangerous Minds
A UW Professor's New Therapy Is Being Hailed as a Breakthrough in Treating Self-Destructive Patients Who Live Their Lives on the Borderline.
By Nancy Wick
Discovery IslandDiscovery Island
Environmental Science Took a Decisive Turn on an Obscure Island off the Nortwest Corner of Washington. The Way We Look at—and Try to Save—Our World Has Never Been the Same.
By Sarah DeWeerdt

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