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Endless Campus: The Learning Just Never Stops

From natural disasters to distant planets, the UW's new Endless Campus program promises something for every alumnus whose thirst for learning doesn't stop after graduation. With lectures and seminars offered throughout the year, Endless Campus kicks off this winter with three lecture series in Seattle and a special talk in Bothell that explore the past, present and future.

Artist's rendering of the Mars Rover. Rover image courtsey of Jet Propulsion Lab.

Artist's rendering of the Mars Rover. Rover image courtsey of Jet Propulsion Lab.

"The Crusades" delves into the history of Christian-Muslim friction by focusing on the 200-year-long effort of European Christians to take Jerusalem from its Muslim rulers. The five-part lecture series, cosponsored by the UWAA and College of Arts and Sciences, features History Professor Robert Stacey, winner of a UW Distinguished Teaching Award. The series starts on Jan. 11 with "If I Should Forget Thee, O Jerusalem: The Origins of Crusading and the First Crusade," and ends on Feb. 8 with "They Have Begotten Strange Children: The Later Crusades and the Aftermath of Crusading."

Detail from an engraving on the Crusades by Gustav Doré.

Detail from an engraving on the Crusades by Gustav Doré

The Forest Resources three-part lecture series, "Sustaining Our NW World," features noted UW alumnus and Heronswood Nursery founder Dan Hinkley, '85. UW Professors Jim Agee and Gordon Bradley will address issues such as fire and fire ecology, and land use, aesthetics and public opinion. The series begins on Feb. 10 and continues through March in 110 Kane.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and climate change are under scrutiny in the uncertain world of environmental prediction, the theme for the Second Annual Oceans-to-Stars Lecture Series, which begins on Feb. 23 and continues through March in 120 Kane. For the more mechanically-minded, Cal Tech's Mark Maimone presents "The Mars Exploration Rovers: Driving Autonomously on Mars," detailing the robotic technologies that enabled the Mars Exploration Rovers to roam autonomously over 1,500 meters of Martian terrain, revealing previously unseen segments of the planet. His talk will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 8, on the UW Bothell campus.

With these offerings and much more, Endless Campus means you never have to quit learning.