A flag visible through the gothic wreckage of the World Trade Center. Photo courtesy Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Edited by Tom Griffin.

Seeing the Unimaginable
—by Elaine McCusker, associate director, UW Office of Federal Relations

ER on the Streets of New York
—by UW Clinical Professor of Medicine Leon Greene

What I Saw: Brooklyn
—by Audrey Edwards, '69

The Cal Ripken of His Field
—by Tom Griffin, editor, Columns Magazine

What I Saw: Ground Zero
—by Samantha Appleton, '97

Lifesaving Flight Is Grounded by F-16s
—by UW Surgery Professor Michael Mulligan

The Minds of Killers—and Terrorists
—by Anne Rule, '53

What I Saw: Red Square
—by Jon Marmor, associate editor, Columns Magazine

December 7 and September 11
—by Randolph Hennes, '52, '66

Content for this article was edited by Columns Editor Tom Griffin with the help of Columns Associate Editor Jon Marmor and UW Writer Nancy Wick. We would like to thank all of our contributors for the hours they spent preparing their essays under extremely tight deadlines.

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