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December 2000 Features

Plastic casting of Kennewick Man skullBones of Contention
The saga of Kennewick Man is a volatile mix of race, religion, politics and science—and the UW is right in the middle of it.
By Brad Broberg

Hannah Wiley dancing in the early 1990sStepping Out
Hannah Wiley is moving beyond dance to foster an arts community on campus.
By Nancy Wick

Japanese characters spell the first name of Takuji YamashitaA Civil Action
Almost a century after snubbing Takuji Yamashita, the state's legal establishment is taking steps to honor the first Japanese graduate of the UW Law School. By Steven Goldsmith

Twisted strands of DNA in a digital renderingWhy Cells Go Bad
Lawrence Loeb's mutation breakthrough could lead to new cancer treatments and even an unconventional way to stop AIDS.
By Sally James


  Divorce American Style. Illustration by Lydia Hess.

Columns and Departments

  Departments New Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion. Photo by Kathy Sauber.


Association News

  Marching Band drum major and 2 wannabes. File photo.

Husky Marching Band drum major Bob Fuller and company. File photo.

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