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Columns December 2008 December 2008
Monuments to Sacrifice
- Julia Lin, '65, recounts her harrowing escape from China in pursuit of a a Western education. All-American running back David Kopay, '64, shares his difficult journey as a gay athlete.
Columns September 2008September 2008
So Bright
- What’s the true measure of a capital campaign’s success? Photographer Jeff Corwin tells the story in portraits. Also, learn how beloved author Beverly Cleary has charmed three generations of children.

Columns June 2007June 2008
Our Wondrous One Hundred - June 2008 marks the hundredth anniversary of the UW’s alumni magazine, and what better way to celebrate it than by turning the spotlight on 100 remarkable UW alums.
Columns March 2008March 2008
No Ceiling - Too many players, fans and coaches have underestimated Brandon Roy in the past, but this NBA all-star continues to show them that’s a costly mistake.

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