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Columns December 1995 December 1995
Features include: "The Fall (and Rise?) of the Ave.," hard times on the U District's main retail street; "Playing with History," the revival of a 1936 New Deal play with a black cast; "Plugged In ," the innovative project to integrate computers into undergraduate education; and "Of Mice and Men ," genetic experiments that enabled scientists to manipulate a gene and have it inherited by a species' offspring.

Columns September 1995 September 1995
Features include "The Road to Seattle: President Richard L. McCormick Takes the Helm of the UW;" "McCormick On the Issues," quotes on higher education topics by our new President; "Drawing Attention: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Cartoonist Mike Luckovich," "25 Years of Top Teaching, Part Two: 1986-1994," Winners of the UW's Distinguished Teaching Award, and "Centennial," celebrating the 100-year anniversary of our move to Montlake.

Columns June 1995 June 1995
Features include: "25 Years of Top Teachers, Part One: 1970-1985," winners of the UW Distinguished Teaching Award over the last 25 years; "Below the Belt" on male reproductive health; "The Best of 1995," UW teaching and public service award winners; and "The Real McCabe," a profile of Music School Director Robin McCabe.

Columns December 1995 March 1995
Features include: "The View From the Top," President William P. Gerberding Looks at His 16 Years of Service to the UW; "As It Happened" A Timeline of World and UW Events During the Gerberding Era 1979-1995; "The Age of Dissonance," Alzheimer's Research at the UW; and "Sex, Truths and Videotape,"A Conversation with Pepper Schwartz.

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