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Introducing Shwetak Patel
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Shwetak Patel

4 Responses to Shwetak Patel

  1. Elizabeth B says:

    This is the most disjointed article of random facts. It’s not even organized by Patel’s work life, interests, home life. There could be a lot better write up than direct transcription of the journalists notes.

    • Stanton G.K. Otero says:

      I agree Elizabeth B…apparently his creativity and contributions to science warrant a far more in depth interview… I know my profs at the UW would have me revise this article in heart beat had I ever submitted this for any type of publication let alone as an assignment. More on this guy, but with a bit more clarity please :-)

      • Quinn Russell Brown says:

        Hi Elizabeth and Stanton,

        Thanks for your feedback on this. We have now formatted the online version to match the print version. You can click on the image to read it as if you were reading the magazine.

  2. Andrew Davidson says:

    In the print edition, it was laid out as a series of blurbs all linked visually to the photo here, on a two page spread. In that context, it wasn’t read as a linear piece, but actually as the disjointed random facts that appear here as one article. And made sense.

    Look at pages 24-25 in the full PDF linked above to see it!

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