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HEATHER BARBIERI, ’85, has recently published The Cottage at Glass Beach.

JEREMY L. CARADONNA, ’03, has written The Enlightenment in Practice: Academic Prize Contests and Intellectual Culture in France, 1670–1794.

EDWARD T. HEIKELL, ’61, and his brother, Robert Heikell, have written One Chance for Glory, a book about Washington aviation hero Clyde Pangborn, who was the first aviator to fly nonstop across the Pacific.

STEVE RAYMOND, ’62, is the author of In the Very Thickest of the Fight: The Civil War Service and the 78th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Raymond is a retired newspaper editor and the author of nine books.

JAMES E. ROBERTSON, ’72, recently published The Turning-out of Boys in a Man’s Prison: Why and How to Amend the Prison Litigation Reform Act.

CHRISTOPHER VAN TILBURG, ’94, has written Mountain Rescue Doctor, an account of practicing wilderness medicine in the extremes of nature.

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