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Flags Across America

Photo copyright Dale Baskin

With Pride Flying High

September 11 didn’t just horrify us. It also galvanized our pride in being Americans. Photographer Dale Baskin ignored the destruction and instead captured displays of American flags. Karen S. Robbins, ’66, was so struck by his work that she joined forces with Baskin to put together an exhibit called “Flags Across America.” Some of Baskin’s work will be on display this September in the office of Lt. Gov. Brad Owens in Olympia. The flag in the photo (above) is draped behind supplies donated to EMS workers at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan following the collapse of the World Trade Center.

2 Responses to First Take

  1. Sheila R Morrison says:

    Why not provide a link so we can see all the flag photos on line. That would be a great service.


  2. Hsu Lae says:

    While I was first reading about 9/11, I was so shock and surprised.And I have watched the movie tells about Osma Bin. It was also shock me. But whatever, if I am one person from the United State,I will definitely feel sorrow for that event and maybe I am going to dislike those who destroyed…. Plus, I am glad that they will make some donation to EMS workers.

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