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Alumni Vote – September 2011

What do you think is the UW’s greatest achievement over the past 150 years?

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3 Responses to Alumni Vote – September 2011

  1. Paul Hansen says:

    The movement of the school’s location from current downtown Seattle to the existing campus. I walk past the Fairmont Hotel everyday on my way to work and see the plaque where the campus once stood in 1861. That move gave the University its own identity and had that move not happened, I believe the University and downtown Seattle would be much different.

  2. Diane Dambacher says:

    Education, education, education. The development of hundreds of thousands of students over the years for the betterment of themselves and of our society.

  3. Donald Kelts says:

    Graduating so many liberal thinkers as to insure we will have the maximum government size and cost, the most union of teachers and government employees, the increasing degree of amorality, and so we can be taken care of for most of our lives.
    Of course that is sarcasm, but worth considering.
    I’m appreciative of the great job the UW does preparing graduates for the Washington workforce.

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