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Frazer Cook

The band honors Cook’s 40 years of service in 2000.

The Voice of the Band

Sept. 11, 2010, will be a huge day at Husky Stadium.

Not only will the Washington Huskies have their home opener against Syracuse, but Frazer Cook, ’65, will begin his 50th season as the announcer for the Husky Marching Band. During that time, Cook, 67, has not missed a single Husky home or bowl game. In the rain, wind, snow and hot sun, he has announced close to 2,000 songs performed by the band, everything from the Star Spangled Banner to Bow Down to Washington to (uh-huh, uh-huh) That’s the Way (I Like it). “Everyone loves Frazer,” says Band Director Brad McDavid.To which Cook says: “I’m not part of the show. No one should notice me.” Too late.
Jon Marmor

5 Responses to Traditions

  1. Thai-Duong Nguyen says:

    Frazer deserves an entire show dedicated to him! When I was marching 2001-2005, when Frazer was taking a drag outside, he’d always tell me stories about his trusty watch (a Seiko watch that was attached to the wristband with rubber bands), his trusty wallet, or some other story more related to band. The man is truly dedicated to being our VOICE. Let’s give him a show.

  2. Elaine says:

    Go DAWGS!

  3. Brandon Freeman says:

    Frazer is a class act. As a member of the band (’00-’05), it seemed like Game Day at the stadium didn’t really begin, until Frazer started doing his sound checks. He always has a good story to tell, and it is a privilege to know him.

  4. Don Sabo says:

    FRAZER’S professionalism and eloquent voice has made him admired by many.
    He takes pride in picking a word or phrase that will enhance the performance and times his dialogue to emphasize the Bands performance.

  5. Bruce Bennett says:

    I wonder if Frazer still “saves his voice for games?” As sports editor of the Daily in 1963-64 I was honored to travel with the band to the 1964 Rose Bowl. We stayed in the Long Beach State University dorms.

    The day of the game we had to get up pretty early to get the band to Pasadena for the parade. Frazer wanted to save his voice for the game so when we went for breakfast in the cafeteria there he was with a pencil and a pack of 3×5 index cards. He wouldn’t talk. If anybody asked him a question he’d write out the answer. I wonder if he still remembers…obviously I do. He’s a great guy. Congratulations on a half century Frazer.

    Another ’65 grad.

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