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Message from the Foundation Chair

Without a doubt, Husky alumni make a huge difference in our state. With about 75 percent of us living, working and raising families throughout Washington, the positive impact that we make is felt each day from the Puget Sound to the Palouse.

Even before they receive their diplomas, UW students are also contributing to our state in a signicant way.  They volunteer their time to mentor kids, clean up parks and much more. Collectively, UW students contributed an impressive 346,000 hours of service in 2009.

Students like Dean Chahim and Dawn Tuason have both embraced the spirit of service that is a keystone of the mission of the UW — a mission that reˆflects the values and culture of the people of our great state.  They understand the not-so-hidden secret of volunteering — that in the end you get more than you give.

As an alum and lifelong Washington resident, I’m awestruck by the seemingly endless ways that UW students, faculty, staff and alumni contribute to the vibrancy of our great state. As the outgoing chair of the UW Foundation, I am more aware than ever why it’s so important to continue to support this great university — so students like Dean and Dawn can learn the value of service and leave our university prepared to make the world a better place.

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Daniel J. Evans, ’48, ’49

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  1. rhona Konig says:

    I am a photographer in Houston Texas and would like a copy of the photograph of Chuck Close shown in the Universitys magazine, taken by either Bill Jacobson or John Reuter. Please contact me and let me know how and who to contact and how to order it
    Thanks so much,
    Rhona Konig 713-240-9175

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