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UW Tacoma to Offer Masters in Cybersecurity
A new cybersecurity masters degree program set to start this summer at UW Tacoma offers aspiring computer industry professionals something they won’t find at similar programs—a background in business.

Launched partly in response to a request from the National Guard at Camp Murray, the year program has five 8-week sessions, each featuring a business class and security class side-by-side.

The pairings include Principles of Cybersecurity and Business Communication, as well as Building an Information Risk Management Toolkit and Organization Change. Students will also have an internship where they’ll act as a cybersecurity consultant for a local company.

One Response to UW Tacoma to Offer Masters in Cybersecurity

  1. Muhammad Kiru says:

    Good day,

    I am Muhammad Ubale Kiru from Nigeria.

    I was searching for Universities that offer Msc in Cyber security so I found your school. I am very much interested in having my masters in security, as we speak, I m a Comptia certified security.

    Therefore, I need some details on how to apply as well as other details that might help me proceed to the next level.

    Thank you so much.

    Looking forward to hearing from.

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