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Art Wolfe photo
Wild Art
Photographer Art Wolfe, ’75, returns to the wild parts of the UW campus to find stunning images

OVER THE YEARS, the University of Washington has produced some of our country’s greatest artists: Painter Chuck Close, ’62; glass artist Dale Chihuly, ’65; and photographer Imogen Cunningham, class of 1907, just to name a few. As a gift to our readers during the UW’s 150th anniversary, Columns magazine is proud to present this photo essay by Art Wolfe, ’75, one of the premier wildlife and nature photographers of our time.

During rare breaks from traveling the world, the lifelong West Seattleite returned to some of his favorite spots—the wild places on the UW campus, the Union Bay Natural Area and Washington Arboretum. “I often go out there when I am feeling squirrelly,” he said. “At fi rst glance, it may not seem spectacular. But you can fi nd quieter shots here that challenge you, and are true beauty.” We couldn’t agree more. —Jon Marmor

8 Responses to Wild Art

  1. Carol Gage says:

    I have a hard copy of the Mar 2012 Columns. I am unable to view more photos going to, as directed, I also am unable to see on this site the full article with pictures P28-33

    Other than that, I really appreciate the article and the pictures which I could see. The personal information on Art Wolfe makes it feel almost like I know him.

  2. Atsuko Brewer says:

    I am unable to find more art work as directed on page29. How can I have an access to the correct site?

  3. Shari James says:

    Please name the men in the group photo (Page 51) of the 1936 Husky crew that won Summer Olympics in Berlin.
    Thank you.

  4. Carrie Cone says:

    I was able to view a slide show by clicking on the link called “View a gallery of Art Wolfe photos taken at UW” in the “box” above called Photo Gallery. There are about 15 very nice photos by Art Wolfe.

    Working at UW Botanic Gardens, being a lover of nature, and enjoying Art Wolfe’s work, I appreciated these photos and the article in Columns. They are stunning! However, I was disappointed that the Washington Park Arboretum was referred to as the Washington Arboretum in the intro on Page 29. (Art got is right on Page 30 in his quote though.)

  5. Jim McGill says:

    Photo’s 10 & 16 in the Art Wolfe slide show are duplicates. Was this intentional or do you have a bad link?

  6. Coco Huang says:

    I love it can I print it out

  7. abimanyuarjun says:

    Wow! best article Nice Art explains Details epicure I have never seen this before great work. awaiting for upcoming article.

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