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The Dawg Pack was photographed Jan. 6, 2011, by Ron Wurzer.
Up in Arms

Fans attending Husky men’s basketball games at Alaska Airlines Arena sure get their money’s worth, both from the exciting play on the court—and the show put on by the Dawg Pack. For the past eight years, this section of 500 jumping, yelling, pointing, purple-shirted pupils has cheered the Huskies, mocked opponents, poked fun at the officials and given the Huskies a tremendous home-court advantage. “We can’t thank them enough,” says Huskies coach Lorenzo Romar. The group of good-humored hecklers—who started up when the Huskies got good again—even won an award for sportsmanship in 2006 from the NCAA Division IA Athletic Directors’ Association.
—Jon Marmor

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