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Madame President
UW Presidents
Photo by John Keatley

For the first time in history, the UW has at its helm five female commanders-in-chief. From left to right: Graduate and Professional Student Senate President Sarah Reyneveld; Interim President Phyllis Wise; ASUW President Madeleine McKenna; UWAA President Colleen Fukui-Sketchley; and ASUW Bothell President Amira Davis.

7 Responses to First Take

  1. Karen says:

    Don’t forget our Provost our Student Regent, Sr. Vice President, + 9 deans are also women… to name a few more!

    • jhcase says:

      It’s true, there are a lot of women in leadership roles at the UW, and we’d love to hear about all of them. For this story, however, we chose to focus specifically on women holding the title of president as that’s what’s so unique right now.

  2. bsangeor says:

    you neglected to mention Johnese Spisso who is the COO of UW medicine

  3. Kari says:

    Don’t forget Anita Rocha, President of Professional Staff Organization

  4. Anne says:

    That is an awesome photo. Please give my compliments to the photographer!

  5. Nola Ahola says:

    Is this a fashion photo shoot? A singles ad? It’s surprising that these
    super competent women allowed themselves to be pictured this way.

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