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Balanced Attack on Meniere’s Disease

University of Washington surgeons in October performed the world’s first surgical procedure to implant a device that could give hope to millions of people suffering from Ménière’s disease—an insidious, mysterious disorder that causes vertigo, hearing loss, ringing in the ear and a feeling of pressure in the ear.
robot surgery

Hacking Kinect for Surgical Robotics Research

Those in the UW lab came up with an intriguing idea: adding sensory feedback to see if the Kinect could be a training method for students learning to perform surgery. Read more.

An Iceberg Melody in Two Movements

We love the enchanting songs of whales, the clicks and squeals from porpoises. And now, a UW oceanographer has brought us more melodies from the deep. Read more.
polar bears

New Hope for Polar Bears

If humans reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly in the next 10-20 years, enough Arctic ice is likely to remain intact during late summer and early autumn for polar bears to survive. Read more.
soldier substance abuse

Working with Soldiers Battling Substance Abuse

The UW School of Social Work’s Innovative Programs Research Group met with treatment professionals at Joint Base Lewis-McChord to explain the group’s unique “check-up” model. Read more.