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Roger E. Moe, 1930-2010
Fighting Cancer with Compassion

Roger Moe

Roger Moe, ’52, ’59, ’68, who as a University of Washington professor of surgery used his personal experience as a cancer patient to shape how he cared for breast-cancer patients he treated, died Nov. 26. He was 80.

Moe was told he didn’t have long to live after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1986. He spoke to UW medical students about his feelings of having a terminal prognosis, and it was after that when he pioneered the idea that breast-cancer patients needed more than clinical treatment.

He put together a team of health-care professionals to treat his patients and show them that their doctors cared about them as people.

Moe, who was born Sept. 12, 1930, was inspired to pursue a career in medicine and cancer research after his sister died from Hodgkin’s disease. He completed his college education at the UW, earning bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and psychology in 1952, his medical degree in 1959 and his residency in 1968.

He is survived by his wife of 57 years, Emily Moe of Seattle; his son, Kris; a niece, Mary Fitz; two grandchildren and a large extended family. Donations may be made to the UW Foundation, in support of the Roger E. Moe Fellowship in Interdisciplinary Breast Cancer Care. Gifts may be mailed to UW Medicine Advancement, Attention Olena Nyzhnykevych, Box 358045, Seattle, WA 98109.

One Response to Roger E. Moe, 1930-2010

  1. Laveen Kanal says:

    Subject: Roger Moe,
    The obituary of Dr. Roger Moe that appears on page 44 of the March 2011 Columns magazine brought back am old memory. I, a foreign student from India,joined the university at the end of September 1948 on my 17th birthday. In February 1949 I moved into the All Peoples’ Student Center (APSC) on 4033 University Way. In March 1950, Roger Moe, who also lived at the APSC, and another American student not resident there, invited me to join them on a trip to Vancouver , B.C. and then on to Vancouver Island. The plan was to ride our bicycles from Nanaimo to Victoria. Fortunately, in those first couple of years, I was pretty diligent in writing letters to my father in India,. When I saw the note on Roger, I looked in the stack of my letters that my father had saved and given to me years later. In a letter dated March 25, 1950 I found my account of the trip I recalled taking with Roger. In my old Kodachrome slide collection I found a slide of 19 year old Roger Moe walking his bike towards me on the road to Victoria. Heavy rainfall made for a pretty eventful experience the first couple of days requiring us to be innovative in finding and negotiating lodging for the night and rides on trucks to avoid getting wet. But then we had good weather and finally enjoyed three days of bicycling to Victoria.

    After finishing my B.S. E.E. I moved out of the APSC and lost touch with Roger and many other fellow residents . I am sorry that I did not know about Roger being a Professor of Surgery at UW when I came to see friends in Seattle and UW the several times I visited over the years. I am glad to learn from the obituary that Roger Moe lived a very successful life of accomplishment and service.

    I would love to hear from UW alums who had any association with the APSC and with the people who resided there over the years or provided that valuable setting and service for students from all over the world.
    Laveen Kanal, Ph.D
    [B.S.E.E.,(1951) M.S.E.E.(1953) UW]
    Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
    University of Maryland
    College Park, MD 20742-3255
    Tel: Univ: 301-405-2674

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