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Cherry Trees Honor UW-Japan Roots

Huskies past and present enjoy the famous cherry blossoms that blanket the Quad as a gorgeous harbinger of spring. Now the people of Japan, with the assistance of the Japanese Embassy and the Japan Commerce Association of Washington, D.C. Foundation, have given the UW 32 new cherry trees—18 for campus and another 14 to Washington Park Arboretum. The gift honors the centennial of the 3,000 cherry trees given to Washington, D.C., by the people of Japan in 1912. A commemorative plaque will honor the Japanese students who have attended the UW since 1894, and honor the Japanese-Americans whose education was interrupted by their internment in camps during World War II.

One Response to Cherry Trees Honor UW-Japan Roots

  1. George Elting says:

    I always loved the cherry blossoms on campus while I was there. More trees can only make the campus more beautiful every spring.

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