D. Wayne Gittinger, 1933-2014

D. Wayne Gittinger
As a corporate lawyer at the Seattle firm of Lane Powell for more than 50 years, D. Wayne Gittinger was a pillar of Seattle’s legal and business community. Over the decades, he provided countless businesses with legal counsel. He also took great pleasure in mentoring generations of up-and-coming lawyers. But there was something Gittinger, ’54, ’57, loved as much as the law: the University of Washington. A native of Idaho, he pitched for the Husky baseball team in the 1950s and then went on to become one of the most loyal supporters the UW has ever had, particularly the School of Law and the Athletic Department. In addition to being a generous donor to the UW, he donated his time as a member of the law school’s visiting committee and Dean’s Advisory committee. He and his wife, Anne, ’55, endowed scholarships and a professorship, and he chaired the Tyee Board of Advisors as well as the Tyee Executive Committee for the athletic department. But his reach into the Seattle community went even further. He served on the boards of such companies as Nordstrom and Pabst Brewing but he also played a big role on the boards of the Seattle Sports Commission, Seattle Police Foundation, First Tee of Greater Seattle and Business Council of the Seattle Humane Society. He and Anne could be seen at nearly every UW football, basketball, baseball and volleyball game. Gittinger died March 8 at the age of 81.—Jon Marmor

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