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LEFT TO RIGHT: Arlene Okawa, Gloria Hikida, May Nakamura, Martha Uyeda, Doris Kubota, Carolyn Okada, Takiko Funamori, Catholine Chihara, Lillian Okamura, Eleanor Yoshioka, Evelyn Saida and Katsuko Takiguchi. (Not pictured: Pat Kashiwagi.)

Burning Bright at 90

Taking part in a 1954 initiation ceremony, students are welcomed into the Valeda, a Nikkei group formed to provide social and cultural opportunities to women of Japanese descent who were excluded from Greek row because of their race. (The male counterpart to the Valeda was the SYNKOA, a name using the initials of UW Japanese students who were killed in World War II fighting for the U.S.) On Aug. 24, UW President Michael Young and state Senator Bob Hasegawa will be on hand when the UW Nikkei Alumni Association celebrates its 90th anniversary with a reunion dinner at the HUB. The UWNAA, which started in 1922, has provided scholarship support and helped stage a 2008 ceremony in which the UW awarded honorary degrees to more than 400 surviving students (or their family representatives) who were sent to internment camps during World War II. For information on the reunion dinner, contact Lillian Hayashi:

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