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Jeff Chen and his custom crossword puzzle for Columns readers were photographed by Michael Clinard.

Get A Clue

Crossword puzzle fanatic Jeff Chen, ’02, doesn’t just fill out crossword puzzles, he writes them, too. He recently had one published by The New York Times. And here he created a special crossword puzzle for Columns readers. The theme: Huskies. Good luck. You can find the answers here.

1 “Winning” writer Welch
5 Hit the slopes
8 “Chicago Hope” Emmy winner Christine
13 Citrus fruit named for its unattractive appearance
14 Iota
15 First-rate
19 Hired gun
20 1978 Nobel winner Anwar
21 “East of Eden” director Kazan
23 Roz portrayer on “Frasier”
27 Negligent
31 Khayyam or Sharif
32 Scored perfectly on
33 AAA part
36 Answers an invite (abbr.)
43 Arabic word for God
44 ___ Mawr
45 “Nasty” Nastase of tennis
46 Sainted pope called “the Great”
48 Hold in high regard
55 Continent crossed by Polo
56 Emulate Icarus
57 Essential points
62 Nissan sedan
66 Language named for a mathematician
67 Pen’s point
68 None at all
69 Giggly laugh
70 Gasteyer of “Saturday Night Live”
71 Product with a rabbit mascot

1 Makeshift band instruments
2 Home of the Taj Mahal
3 Outfitted
4 “Loans that Change Lives” sloganeer
5 Arch site: Abbr.
6 Superman’s birth name
7 Pastoral composition
8 Hebrew toast that means “to life”
9 Yellowfin tuna
10 Intense chase
11 Kitchen counter?
12 Words of sympathy
16 Lady of Arthurian romance
18 Investment vehicles such as SPY and DIA
22 (sigh)
25 B-52 letters
22 Duds
27 ___ Nui (Easter Island)
28 Biol. branch
29 Kitten’s cry
30 Dater’s dream
34 Abruptly, on a musical score
35 Abbr. on many cameras
37 Foul
38 Ballet bend
39 Wine glass part
41 South Korea’s first president Syngman ___
42 California’s Santa ___ Valley
47 Slashed, perhaps
49 Game company behind Sonic the Hedgehog
50 Fight for breath
51 Words after have or take
52 Dentist’s direction
53 Hot spot
54 Golf champion Hale
58 Ain’t as it should be?
59 Sign of damage
60 Musical Amos
61 “Mr. Roboto” band
63 Charlotte of “The Facts of Life”
65 Exec’s degree, often

One Response to First Take

  1. Michael Lew says:

    Great puzzle. My wife and I enjoyed it immensely. It was a lot of fun and we’d enjoy doing others in future editions. Who knew Jeff had such skills? Glad to see Husky alums doing such interesting things.

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