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Cultural Stereotypes Steer Girls Away from Math

Parental and educational practices aimed at enhancing girls’ self-concepts for math might be beneficial as early as elementary school, when youngsters are beginning to develop ideas about who does math.
women in prison

Giving Women in Prison a Voice

The UW School of Social Work is partnering with Washington State Department of Corrections, known for its progressive history of working with women behind bars. Read more.
Swedish crime fiction

Uncloaking the Swedish Murder Mystery

Stieg Larsson’s bestsellers are part of a crime novel tradition dating back to at least 1965 in Scandinavia—a tradition associate professor Andrew Nestingen has followed for years. Read more.

Transit, Work-Related Noise and the Commute

Many people are exposed to health and safety issues in the workplace, but how many think about the risk of the commute? Read more.
athletes cardiac arrest

Athletes and Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac death affects about 1 in 43,000 NCAA athletes, according to a new UW study in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. Read more.