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Caroline Fukui-Sketchley

UWAA looks ahead, celebrates top alumni

For me, the honor of serving as your UW Alumni Association president this past year has been rewarding in so many ways. I have worked with scores of devoted alumni and University of Washington staff, and I have been inspired by the more than 50,000 UWAA members who passionately represent our UW community.
Trish Bostrom

Trish Bostrom Receives Top UWAA Honor

Trish Bostrom, ’72, knew how to make a big impression as a student-athlete. Today, she still makes a big impact as one of the most dedicated volunteers for the UWAA. Read more.
Christine Umayam

Aluminaries: Christine Umayam

She thought her trip to the Philippines a few years ago was going to be a chance to get away. But that changed the moment she encountered children living in deplorable conditions. Read more.
Temple Mathews

Aluminaries: Temple Mathews

Temple Mathews, ’76, describes himself as someone who never shies away from a challenge. He credits this attitude for getting him to Hollywood. Read more.
Karma Hadjimichalakis

Karma Hadjimichalakis, 1944-2011

Hadjimichalakis, principal lecturer in business economics and finance in the Foster School of Business and one of the university’s most beloved teachers, died Feb. 21. Read more.
Althea Stroum

Althea D. Stroum, 1922-2011

Althea Diesenhaus Stroum, one of the UW’s most renowned philanthropists, died March 14 in Santa Barbara, Calif. Read more.
C. Benjamin Graham Jr.

C. Benjamin Graham Jr., 1931-2011

C. Benjamin Graham Jr., ’58, ’62, the first student in a wheelchair to graduate from medical school at the University of Washington died March 19. Read more.

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