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Alumni Vote – June 2011

What do you love about the UW?

Be sure to watch for our story, “150 Things We Love About the UW,” in an upcoming issue.

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One Response to Alumni Vote – June 2011

  1. Wilbur G Hallauer says:

    Reporting in for the Class of 1937, As a non member, Ran across my 1934
    financial expense record book a few days ago. Total, including ASUW fees, room ($10.00 month)$416.50. Took 6 years of 1930′s pittance income from Yakima High School 1931 graduation to accomplish my B.A. in 1937. The Suzzalo Library was wonderful. And UW engrossed me so that I came back for more in 1951, 1953, 1955, 1957. And the friends made at UW were life-long.
    I look forward to claiming to be chair of my 75th Class Reunion in 2012. I’ve never paid UWALUM dues. But like to claim having done full duty. And a 100% BELIEVER.

    Web Hallauer

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