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UW goes global with online courses

The UW has joined a new venture to provide free online education. This July, the UW signed a contract with Coursera, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) company, founded by two Stanford University professors.

Online courses, some of them free, have been offered at the UW since the 1990s. But free education via a MOOC provides global access to UW expertise. The first UW offerings on Coursera include classes in scientific computing through applied math, computer science, information security though the Information School and computational finance, designed by UW faculty and administered by UW Educational Outreach.

In addition to the free courses, the UW was the first to announce a credit-bearing option via a MOOC. Students can elect an enhanced, instructor-led version with added content, exams and projects for a fee, which can lead to UW credit and/or a certificate.

For more information, call 206-685-8936 or search and sign up for classes at

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