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High Honors
In a wide range of rankings, the UW shines among the best institutions on the planet

WASHINGTON MONTHLY magazine ranked the UW 8th in the nation, according to a survey of 1,569 colleges, based on its contribution to the public good. The magazine rankings, which were released this fall, were based on three categories:

Social Mobility—recruiting and graduating low-income students

Research—producing cutting- edge scholarship and Ph.D.s

Service—encouraging students to give back to their country by serving in the Peace Corps, ROTC and other community-service programs

“Unlike [other] guides, this [ranking] asks not what colleges can do for you, but what colleges are doing for their country,” the magazine says.

4th – NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY ranked the UW fourth overall in the world and first among American public universities in scientific research.

16th – SHANGHAI JIAO TONG UNIVERSITY ranked the UW 16th in the world based on the quality of education, faculty and research.

24th – THE LONDON TIMES’ Higher Education Rankings rated the UW 24th in the world.

THE SIERRA CLUB ranked the UW fourth in its annual poll of institutions most committed to promoting sustainability and limiting global warming. Sierra, the official publication of the Sierra Club, has published the rankings for six years; UW has been among the top-ranked schools five times, including a first-place finish in 2011.

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