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Photo by Ron Wurzer
Loud and Proud

Since 2004, the Blue Thunder drumline has pumped up Seattle Seahawks fans—and it’s no surprise that about a third of the group’s 35 members are Husky Marching Band alumni. Under the direction of former Husky Marching Band drummer Keith Rousu, ’99, Blue Thunder has played with big names like Jason Finn of the Presidents of the United States. “I have always been a fan of the Huskies and the Seahawks and drumming has been my life’s passion,” Rousu says. “The fact that I get to pump energy into the loudest fans in the NFL is simply amazing.”—Jon Marmor

One Response to First Take

  1. Julie Troupe says:

    Nice story. I’ve only heard the Blue Thunder Drumline a few times like at Seafair events. I really enjoy listening to them, as I too like the drums and can plan just a tiney bit. I wish during the Seahawk televised games, that the camera would spot light the band more.
    Hope to see the band this next year in ’2013′ at the Seafair Torch Light Parade or China Town Festival.

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