Herbert Ellison, 1929-2012
Herbert Ellison

UW History Professor Herbert Ellison, ’51, an expert on Soviet and post-Soviet affairs and cherished mentor to hundreds of students, died Oct. 9 at age 83.

He taught at the UW for 34 years and is the namesake of the Ellison Center for Russia, East European and Central Asian Studies in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. Ellison first became interested in Russian studies during his undergraduate years at the UW.

Perhaps one student’s comment speaks for all: “I was lucky enough to be one of the undergraduates to take a class from Professor Ellison. His lectures were always interesting, and informative. His knowledge, and his connections to nearly everyone who ‘mattered’ in the field were jaw-dropping. Most impressively, despite his importance in his field, he always had time for you, and was gentle in his manner and patient even with those who tried the patience of everyone in the class.”—Julie Garner

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