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Biofuels: A Poplar Idea

The UW receives a $40 million grant to explore turning woody biomass—mainly poplar trees—into biogasoline and aviation fuel.

More Talk, Less Marijuana Use

Denise Walker is lead author on a study that shows a brief, voluntary chat with an adult led to a 20 percent decrease in marijuana use for teens who are frequent users. Read more.
Thomas Gilbert

The Market Knows Best

When it comes to big-picture economic announcements, the market is more likely to be “spot on” than the Bureau of Labor Statistics, according to Thomas Gilbert, assistant professor in the Foster School of Business. Read more.

Tall Order: Understanding Himalayan Glaciers

Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation, Earth and Space Sciences Professors Bernard Hallet and Howard Conway are trying to determine whether glaciers speed up or slow erosion in the Himalaya. Read more.