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LEO BLOCH, ’32, ’35, Bellevue, age 97, Aug. 19.

VERNA JENSEN CRISP DRAPER, ’33, Seattle, age 90, July 18.

FREDERICK BLAKE, ’36, Mill Creek, age 97, Aug. 15.

JANE BERKEY PETERSON, ’39, Mercer Island, age 96, July 12.

IOLA BROWN GROTH, ’41, Seattle, age 92, July 28.

DAVID W. RABAK, ’42, Kasson, Minn., age 91, Aug. 25.

WANDA D. WALLSTROM, ’42, Seattle, age 90, July 24.

MICHAEL P. LAZARA, ’43, ’49, Seattle, age 91, June 16.

VICTOR WILLIAM HORGAN, ’44, Seattle, age 90, June 13.

ROBERT M. LEVENSON, ’44, Mercer Island, age 90, Aug. 1.


BRUCE ITTNER, ’47, Renton, age 91, Sept. 6.

BARBARA ALLEN KRAFT, ’47, Seattle, age 84, July 7.

PAUL L. LORENTZ, ’47, Poulsbo, age 93, Aug. 15.

JAMES D. MULVEHILL, ’47, Seattle, age 87, June 16.

ARMOND PEARSON, ’47, Woodway, age 93, Sept. 2.

ROBERT MORRIS BENVENISTE, ’48, Mercer Island, age 85, Aug. 29.

ROBERT MONTGOMERY KINTNER, ’48,’ 53, ’63, Seattle, age 89, Aug. 11.

ELIZABETH “BETSY” MINOR, ’48, Seattle, age 84, Aug. 25.

CAROL MAE McCALLUM, ’49, Seattle, age 83, July 30.

GORDON EMIL SCHRAMM, ’49, Edmonds, age 86, Aug. 28.

HENRY S. “HANK” TAMADA, ’49, Seattle, age 84, June 26.

BARBARA JEAN (CHANDLER) HURLEY, ’50, Redmond, age 83, Aug. 30.

F. WILLIAM KOOP, ’50, Ellinwood, Kan., age 91, July 7.

HENRY E. OVENS, ’50, Olympia, age 86, Sept. 7.

SANFORD PETERSKY, ’50, ’71, ’78, Bellevue, age 86.

ARTHUR ROLFE, ’50, age 90, July 29.

TED E. ARTHUR, ’51, Salem, Ore., age 85, July 16.

MARGARET (BULLOCK) BARDARSON, ’51, Freeland, age 82, July 29.

ROBERT G. LITTELL, ’51, Kirkland, age 82, June 2.

JOHN “JACK” F. SCHOFIELD, ’51, Seattle, age 81, June 22.

NANCY W. TONKIN, ’51, Woodinville, age 81, May 25.

KENNETH ROLAND ANDERSON, ’52, Stanwood, age 86, July 18.

DAVID A. MOFFAT, ’52, Sept. 1, 2008.

FENNIMORE N. BRADLEY, ’52, ’54, ’66, Walla Walla, age 83, March 26.

BARBARA CLARKE STEVENSON, ’52, Mercer Island, age 82, July 3.

SYLVAN BERNARD CADITZ, ’53, ’59, Seattle, age 86, Sept. 21.

GORDON FRANCIS CRANDALL, ’53, Seattle, age 87, Aug. 16.

JAMES D. WINTON, ’54, Bellevue, age 79, Sept. 14.

DELBERT E. NEUBECKER JR., ’55, Stanwood, age 80, Aug. 1.

CYRUS PRINCE JR., ’55, Campbell, Calif., age 88, Aug. 26.

TERRY KAMEDA, ’56, Seattle, age 85, Aug. 3.

JOHN H. ABERLE, ’57, Friday Harbor, age 83, Aug. 17.

MARY JANE HAWLEY, ’57, Kirkland, age 81, June 14.

SARAH JANE WHITE, ’57, Mercer Island, age 76, Aug. 11.

WALTER JOSEPH KURTH, ’58, Beaverton, Ore., age 77, Aug. 27.

JEAN ELLEN COCHREN LANCE, ’58, Everett, age 79, Aug. 16.

ROBERT SPRING, ’58, Bellevue, age 81, June 28.

TERRY “TERRIL” GLEN BIGGART, ’59, Seattle, age 76, June 28.

JANICE MAE REICHELT JAROSZ, ’60, Ravensdale, age 73, July 31.

MARGIE LAATZ, ’60, Shelton, age 87, June 18.

LARRY ALLEN SCHAUT, ’60, ’63, Renton, age 74, Aug. 16.

MICHAEL J. SWOFFORD, ’60, ’63, Seattle, age 73, Aug. 16.

BRENT WOOTEN, ’61, Spokane, age 72, Aug. 29.

ANNE GARTLAND PAYNE, ’62, ’76, Arlington, Mass., age 89, July 7.

BERNARD HENRY BOOMS, ’63, Seattle, age 74, June 25.

CLARK W. TOWNSEND, ’63, ’67, ’78, Manchester, age 73, June 11.

AUDREY FONG KOBUKI, ’65, age 66, June 22.

MARION V. “MICK” LARSON, ’65, Seattle, age 71, May 31.

HERBERT I. LAKEFISH, ’66, Longview, age 69, Aug. 3.

BASIL MAYOGLOU, ’66, Erie, Pa., age 69, May 22.

MICHAEL ARTHUR CHURCH, ’67, Bellevue, age 66, June 10.

SUSAN LEVY EBERHART, ’67, age 65, July 30.

PAULINE LILLIAN PASCOE, ’67, Shoreline, age 87, July 18.

DAVID PETERSON, ’67, Boulder Creek, Calif., age 73, May 7.

JOSEPH CHARLES McCARTHY JR., ’68, Gig Harbor, age 69, Aug. 20.

MICHAEL D. BENNER, ’69, ’73, Olympia, Sept. 14.

GERALD L. KNIGHT, ’69, Mill Creek, age 68, Aug. 15.

JAMES HAN LOCKE, ’69, Seattle, age 69.

CLAUDIA JEANNE (HAUGE) GILLIS, ’70, Seattle, age 62, July 30.

ROBERT BURTON FISHER, ’70, ’86, Portland, Maine, age 74, May 4.


LAWRENCE L. PARRIS, ’72, ’76, Kirkland, age 60, June 17.

BARBARA ANNE ALTOSE ROSENWALD, ’72, Mercer Island, age 60, Sept. 19.

JAMES THEODORE FENNO, ’73, Holt, Mich., age 60, June 12.

BONNIE GENEVAY, ’74, Seattle, age 83, Aug. 28.

GLORIA MARIA BUCE, ’75, Shoreline, age 61, Sept. 9.

STEVEN CLARK SHIPLEY, ’75, Seattle, age 64, June 11.

JACK TAYLOR NORRIS, ’76, ’78, Olympia, age 56, May 29.

CYNTHIA JANE TAYLOR-DAY, ’78, ’80, Seattle, age 62, Aug. 14.

PAUL WOZNIAK, ’80, Seattle, age 55, June 21.

WILLIAM “BILL” HENRY HAAS, ’83, Seattle, age 57, July 14.

DOUGLAS B. WOLLEN, ’83, Kent, age 51, Aug. 16.

SHARON E. KOVACS, ’85, Seattle, age 71, July 18.

DEKANG DENG, ’86, Seattle, age 52, July 17.

THOMAS HOWE CECIL, ’87, Lake Stevens, age 72, July 18.


WARREN D. BURKLUND, ’50, a UW staff architect who worked in Health Sciences Facilities and Planning, died Aug. 20. He was 89.

Navy Lt. Cmdr. Joseph R. Carmichael Jr., ’39, who received the prestigious Navy Cross for his acts to save nearly 2,900 crew members after the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Bunker Hill was attacked during Word War II, died Sept. 26. He was 96.

Ark Geow Chin, ’50, ’52, a Chinese American whose life personified the American Dream, died Nov. 13. Chin, who earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the UW in Civil Engineering, served on the UW Board of Regents from 1998 to 2004. He was born in a small Chinese village and emigrated to the U.S., at age 10. He was a decorated World War II veteran who went on to become a philanthropist, and President and CEO of a major Seattle engineering firm.

PAUL DEMITRIADES, ’55, ’75, who served as a member of the Visiting Committee of the Evans School of Public Affairs and as a visiting lecturer of the Foster School’s Executive MBA and MPA program, died Sept. 13. He worked 32 years with Boeing and had his name recorded in the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian within “The Apollo/Saturn V Roll of Honor.” He was 78.

WILLIAM C. DOLOWY, who served as professor and chairman of Experimental Animal Medicine at the UW School of Medicine from 1967 to 1974, died June 12. He was 84.

H. BARTON DOUGLAS, ’42, who captained two UW eight-man crews to national championships, died Sept. 14. He was 91.

ROBERT JOHN ELLRICH, who taught from 1964 to 1989 in the Department of Romance Languages and was honored as a Professor Emeritus, died Sept. 23. He was 80.

MARGARET P. FENN, ’50, ’63, who in 1963 became the first woman to earn her Ph.D. from the UW School of Business, died April 13. She also spent 30 years as a UW professor and was a pioneer in the field of women in management. She was 90.

ALEXANDER IAN HAMILTON, ’52, ’58, ’00, who taught at the UW School of Dentistry in its early years until his retirement in 1986, died June 24. He was 95.

FRANCES M. KELLER, who with her husband created the Howard and Frances Keller Endowed Professorship in History, died Sept. 10. The couple also established the Howard and Frances Keller Research Fund, and they served on the Visiting Committee of the History Department. She was 94.

JERRY LEE, who taught at the UW and held a joint position at the University Counseling Center, died June 28.

CONWAY LEOVY, a meteorologist and UW professor who advanced knowledge of Mars and of the Earth’s atmosphere during his three decades on the faculty, died July 9. He was 77.

William MacFarland, ’63, who led the University of Michigan hockey team to consecutive NCAA titles and was a star player for the Western Hockey League’s Seattle Totems before earning a law degree at the UW, died Aug. 12. He later coached the Totems, was president of the WHL and was an owner of the Phoenix Roadrunners and president of the World Hockey Association from 1975-77. He later owned Arena Football League and indoor soccer league franchises in Las Vegas. He was 79.

K. ALVIN AURELIUS MERENDINO, who spent more than 35 years practicing surgery at the UW Medical Center, and who in 1956 performed the first open-heart surgery on the West Coast, died Sept. 10. He was 96.

Allen J. Morgan, ’50, coxswain on the 4-oared crew that won a gold medal at the 1948 Olympics, died Sept. 12. A Seattle native, he was inducted into the Husky Hall of Fame and was a member of the Tyee Club and the Big W Club. He was 86.

RICHARD B. PETERSON, who taught in the Foster School of Business, died Sept. 3. He was 78.

WILLIAM E. PIERSON, ’56, ’66, a clinical professor of medicine who served as co-director of the Department of Allergy at Seattle Children’s, died Sept. 3. He also served as chair of the Washington State Medical Association and president of the American Academy of Allergy and Immunology.

CYRUS PRINCE, ’55, who served on the faculty of the UW School of Medicine from 1977 to 1998, died Aug. 26. He also was chief of OB/GYN at Harborview Medical Center and later endowed the Prince Library at Harborview Hospital. He was 88.

ALBERT SAMPSON, who taught advertising and public relations for more than 20 years at the UW School of Communication, died Aug. 26. He was 74.

BENJAMIN GARCIA SANTOS SR., who worked as a custodian at the UW until age 78 after a long career in sales and marketing in his native Philippines, died Sept. 11. He was 87.

ROY B. SAWHILL, a professor in the College of Engineering who taught traffic and transportation engineering, died Sept. 16. He was 89.

WARREN RAYMOND SEYFRIED JR., who taught at the Foster School of Business for more than 50 years, died May 22. He was 93.

CHARLES EDWARD SIMONS, ’51, who was honored as Professor Emeritus after serving as clinical professor of urology at the UW School of Medicine, died Sept. 10. He was 88.

VILEM SOKOL, a music professor who taught violin, viola, conducting and music appreciation classes, died Aug. 19. He was 96.

SAMUEL J. STEINER, ’51, one of the nation’s longest-serving bankruptcy judges who famously saved the chocolate truffle, Frangos, during the collapse of local retailer Frederick & Nelson, died July 19. He was 83.

HOWARD SAMUEL STRAUSSER JR., who taught in the UW Civil Engineering Department from 1955 to 1982, died Aug. 10. He was 90.

WALTER WILLIAMS, professor and research director at the Institute for Public Policy and Management in the Evans School of Public Affairs for 35 years, died Aug. 23. He was 78.

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  1. Glen Buschmann says:

    Phyllis Moulton ’44, passed on Sept 4th, age 89. Sorry I missed passing the specifics to you when you asked.

    Glen Buschmann


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