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Paccar Hall Opens for Business
Paccar Hall
Photo by Matt Hagen

Class is in session at Paccar Hall, the newest addition to the Foster School of Business. The privately funded $95 million, 135,000-square-foot building, which opened Sept. 13, provides business students with 28 small meeting rooms, variable classroom sizes, one 250-seat auditorium and a café.

Seattle’s LMN Architects, designers of the Seattle Public Library on Fourth Avenue, designed Paccar Hall to suit the business school’s focus on leadership, strategic thinking and collaboration. For instance, team rooms, which provide dedicated space for students to work in small groups, have been incorporated throughout the building. And, according to Roland E. (Pete) Dukes, accounting professor and project manager of New Foster Facilities, such rooms are already in high demand.

“There is no question that the building is promoting interactions and collaboration,” said Dukes. “Students interact with each other, and even faculty on an informal basis far more than they did in our previous homes, Balmer and Mackenzie Halls.”
—Janelle Kohnert, ’11

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