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According to the Center for Commercialization, more than 250 companies have been started by UW students and faculty or have launched using UW technology. Here are a few:


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In 2003, doctoral student Aaron Feaver co-founded EnerG2, a company that develops materials such as carbon monoliths and nanocomposites for the purposes of storing gases such as hydrogen and methane, and for goals such as the more efficient operation of solar cells.

In 2002, Seattle Sensor Systems stepped up to plug a gap in national security by introducing the first portable biosensor for chemicals, toxins and biological warfare agents. Technology for the systems came out of the UW’s Surface Plasmon Resonance laboratory, and the company’s founders include UW professors and researchers, notably the primary scientific adviser, Clement Furlong, a research professor of genome sciences and of medicine.

Greg Branch and Krishna Nadella—then Ph.D. candidates in materials science—founded MicroGreen Polymers in 2002. The company’s mission is to develop and commercialize environmentally sound plastics technologies that are economically attractive to the plastics industry. In May, MicroGreen announced it had raised $6.9 million in funding to expand commercial production capabilities.

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