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Martha Chan, at rightBand member Martha Chan, at right.

I have survived my rookie year! And as I leave behind my rookie status to become a second year, I cannot forget everything that has gotten me to this point.

I never would have thought that the HMB would be such a big part of my college experience. I was unsure that I would continue to play music after high school, but I remember e-mailing Dr. Brad McDavid about the Husky Band and getting an enthusiastic reply. His genuine response had encouraged me to audition and to continue on with music. I could not have made a better decision!

My experiences with the band have created lasting friendships and memories such as pre-school drills, the Oregon trip, Friday night pre-game rallies, long rehearsals in the miserable Seattle rain, and being tested on singing the words to Bow Down to Washington perfectly and scoring an embarrassingly high number of 16 tries.

My proudest moment in the HMB was when we marched at Snohomish High School.  I was so happy to be back on the field where I had first learned to march! It was the same field but a different uniform; the same piccolo but a different tune. That night I was proud to represent Snohomish and the UW. 

The Husky Marching Band has provided me a niche and a community of friends. I have been able to connect not only with UW students but with all students who share the same passion for music. My transition into the UW would not have been as easy as it was without the community and support that HMB provides. This year has been memorable and I am looking forward to the new season.

Martha will begin her second year playing piccolo in the Husky Marching Band this fall. She plans to major in Public Health and Law, Societies and Justice and is an active member of the Gamma Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Band Fraternity.

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