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UW Football

UW Football Viewing Party Check-in Challenge

Check in below to participate in the Check-in Challenge. The UW community with the highest percentage of check-ins at the end of the season wins a post-season party pack and bragging rights!

Click to Open the Game Day Check-in Form

  • We encourage all Husky fans to check in at each viewing party they attend using the online form.
  • After each viewing party, community Husky Hosts let us know the approximate amount of Husky fans in attendance.
  • We compare check-ins at each location with the estimated amount of attendees and track this percentage throughout the season.
  • After the Apple Cup, the community that has the highest percentage of check-ins wins!
  • It’s about the percentage, not the amount of Husky fans. This means communities of all sizes are eligible to win.
  • We track only the games your community watches together. Whether you watch a few games or commit to the entire season, every community has the same chance to win.