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With more than 5,000 contacts available to UW students and members of the UW Alumni Association, Husky Career Network is a great place to explore your career options or jump start your job search. Connect with fellow Huskies across the globe who have volunteered to help with job search tips, networking referrals, informational interviews and more.

Here are just a few of the Husky Career Network contacts available to you:

Jacob Fenton

Jacob Fenton, '01

Current position: Talent Agent, United Talent Agency
UW degree: B.A. Business, 2001
Why he volunteers: Networking is everything. A UW professor of mine once said to our class, "Finish this sentence: It's not what you know…", and the entire class answered in unison, "It's who you know," to which our professor replied, "Wrong. It's who knows you."

Tim Shimotakahara

Tim Shimotakahara, '02

Current position: Financial Analyst, Investment Banking, D.A. Davidson & Co.
UW degree: B.A. Business, 2002
Why he volunteers: I want Foster School graduates to have greater visibility, to be considered the cream of the crop, and to be sought after by high-profile companies. I want to raise expectations so that UW graduates can expect to compete with anyone and work anywhere.

Peg Achterman

Peg Achterman, ’82

Former UW student-athlete
Current position: Corporate Trainer, Grass Valley Broadcast Solutions
UW degrees: B.A. History and Communications, 1982
Why she volunteers: If you've achieved any measure of success, there are people who have helped you, and I want to give back. I also like to know what younger people are doing and what they’re interested in. It's fun to be around those who are just starting out. Their enthusiasm is contagious and renewing.

Mike Cragg

Mike Cragg, '86

Current position: Senior Associate Director of Athletics, Duke University
UW degree: B.A. Communications, 1986
Why he volunteers: I believe in the UW. It helped me get started in life, and it's a place I have a passion for. If there's any small part I can play to help someone who shares that common bond, then I want to do that.

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