Husky Happy Hour Volunteer Leader

Job Description

Volunteer leaders play an important role in encouraging alumni relationships and enhancing and promoting UWAA initiatives in their communities. The goal of alumni events is to help create relationships with alumni so they will participate, volunteer, advocate, donate or connect with the University of Washington. One way to contrubite back to the University is coordinating a exciting alumni event experience called Husky Happy Hour. A Husky Happy Hour (HHH) is particularly popular among young alumni and recent graduates, and people who have recently moved to the area. Happy Hours can be useful tools to encourage job networking for alumni of all ages.

Volunteers will secure a date within the March-May time period. Volunteer leaders must find a bar/lounge and secure drink and food specials for guest and turn in information by deadline. Volunteer will also collect information of who attended HHH and send to UWAA.

Volunteer Benefits

  • Recognition as a leader in the UWAA Geographic Program.
  • Recognition of being a volunteer leader in the quarterly UWAA Geographic Newsletter.
  • Free UWAA t-shirt.

Duties and Responsibilities

Volunteer leaders will need to provide the following support for Husky Happy Hour:

  • Commit to conducting a Husky Happy Hour and secure a location by January 9 of each year. Volunteer leaders will receive reminder e-mails, geographic E-newsletters and reminders through the Geographic Council phone meetings about this important deadline.
  • Choose a location that is conducive to networking and will provide food and drink specials for alumni. Bars are frequently open to providing drink or food specials for UW alumni. Include these specials in the email communications to Husky Alumni.

Chapters choosing to put on a Husky Happy Hour will receive the following support:

  • The UWAA will send an e-mail to the community, alerting alumni about happy hours in their local area four (4) weeks in advance of the event.
  • In the same e-mail, the UWAA will encourage alumni to sign up for communications through their local listserv.
  • The UWAA is committed to finding interested partners in the University and will encourage these partners to reach out to their alumni to attend the event.
  • The UWAA will send name tags and markers for the event.
  • The UWAA will provide a listing in the March issue of Columns magazine, informing alumni of the Husky Happy Hour in their location.


Husky Happy Hours are encouraged during the early spring (March-May).

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