Board of Trustees

The UW Alumni Association Board of Trustees manages the affairs of UWAA with responsibility for setting the tone and direction of the association. Board members are elected volunteers and serve for a designated term. The board officers serve on the executive committee, which is the policy-making body for the association.

Aug. 1, 2014 - July 31, 2015


Roy Diaz, ’94, ’96, ’02 President 2014-2015
Mike Egan, ’90 Past President 2014-2015
Jeff Rochon, ’99 President-Elect 2014-2015
Clyde Walker, ’77 Vice President 2014-2015
Mike Heffernan, ’91 Treasurer 2014-2016
Jann Blackbourn, ’74 Secretary 2013-2015
Marcie Stone, ’69, ’76 Assistant Secretary 2014-2016
Paul Rucker, ’95, ’02 Executive Director, Ex-Officio

At-Large Trustees

Elizabeth Pluhta, ’09 At-Large Trustee 2012-2015
Edna Shim, ’91 At-Large Trustee 2012-2015
*Sylvester “Sly” Cann IV, ’04 At-Large Trustee 2014-2015
*Daniel Heu-Weller, ’02, ’08 At-Large Trustee 2014-2015
Justin Bourn, ’97 At-Large Trustee 2013-2016
Suzanne Dale Estey, ’01 At-Large Trustee 2013-2016
Ben Golden, ’07, ’11 At-Large Trustee 2013-2016
Heidi Wills, ’99 At-Large Trustee 2013-2016
Catherine Brazil, ’90 At-Large Trustee 2014-2017
Maria Ehsan, ’92 At-Large Trustee 2014-2017
Rion Ramirez, ’95, ’98 At-Large Trustee 2014-2017
Skylee Robinson, ’06, ’09 At-Large Trustee 2014-2017

*To fulfill a one-year vacated term

Geographic Trustee:

Arija Flowers, ‘03, Out-of-State Geographic Volunteer Council Trustee 2013-2015

University Representative Trustees:

Taylor Hoang, ’02 UW Bothell Trustee 2014-2015
Jean-Paul Willynck, ’09 UW Tacoma Trustee 2014-2015
Christina Xiao, ASUW President/Designee Trustee 2014-2015
Alice Popejoy, GPSS President/Designee Trustee 2014-2015

Ex-Officio (Non-Voting) Members:

Connie Kravas, Vice President, University Advancement
Denzil J. Suite, Vice President, Student Life
Stephanie Doyle, ’89 Assistant Vice President, Regional Advancement
Shannon Kelly, ’96 ICA Representative
Louise Little, ’81 Partner Representative, University Book Store

To contact a member of the Board of Trustees, please contact the UWAA at or 206-685-9217.

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